We understand that you may be about to make the most significant decision in your child’s life so far.

Choosing the right nursery is a daunting prospect, so to assist you in making the right decision the staff at Lyn’s Little Ones have worked together to highlight some of the best reasons to choose us to give your child the best start.


We have a commitment to building and maintaining good relationships with parents and Carers. We strive to ensure that you are kept fully up to date with your child’s development, and their day-to-day activities. Our informal approach and our open door policy means that you are welcome to come in to see your child’s development profile or chat to the staff anytime.

Highly trained and motivated staff

We have a highly trained and motivated staff team-an Early Years Professional, which means that your child will develop to their full potential in a graduate lead environment. Staff regularly update their skills and knowledge through training, ensuring that our methods and practices are always up to date.

Safe, secure and enabling environment

We provide a safe, secure and enabling environment – with disabled access for children, parents and staff. The building has CCTV protection, and a secure drop off area.

Full time member of staff

The nursery owner/ manager is a full time member of staff, meaning that maintaining quality of service and provision is a top priority.

We listen and take note

We listen and take note, we understand that every child is an individual and has different needs. We are able to be reflective and change to suit the needs of the individual. Childcare practices change constantly but quality is consistent.

Nutritious menu

We provide a nutritious menu prepared on site this means that your child will get all the nutrients they need to be healthy and active. All meals are prepared using fresh ingredients. We are able to cater for individual requirements ensuring that the alternative looks the same as the main meal offered.

Excellent resources

We invest in excellent resources- we believe in offering the children good quality toys and equipment and often travel to source different equipment to help us to support the children’s learning and development.

Value for money

We offer value for money. Staff are available to provide information on various available options to support your fees, such as childcare vouchers, child tax credits and nursery grants.