The garden is fully equipped with artificial grass flooring to ensure the safety of the children and so that they can explore the garden in all weather conditions.

We have outdoor clothing for the children to ensure they can enjoy the garden in any weather.

The garden has a herb garden which is surrounded in bark for the children to explore. There is also a climbing wall so the children can develop their climbing skills as well as build on their upper body strength.

We also have a vegetable garden in which the children will plant, grow and pick their own vegetables such as peas, strawberries, cabbages and potatoes.

There is also a musical area which includes musical instruments as well as pots and pans which they can use as musical instruments with the various spoons provided. The garden also has a blackboard and a handle wall for the children to use and explore.

Also as there is a large park just across the road the children will have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of as we provide high visibility vests and double prams so they can explore our local community and facilities.