2 Year Old Funding

What is Early Years Provision for 2 year olds?

2 year olds who live on the Wirral may be eligible to receive 15 hours per week free (570 hours per year) childcare.

Research shows that alongside parenting, high quality part-time Early Years Education helps give children of this age a great start and it provides them with a solid foundation for the future.

What is Early Years Provision for 2 year olds?

If eligible a child can access the funding the term after his/her 2nd birthday.

How do I know if a child is eligible to receive funding?

If the household fulfils the following eligibility criteria:

For the official Wirral Council 2 year funding information, please click here.

3-4 Year Old Funding

When can my child receive free funding?

All children can become eligible from the term after their 3rd birthday.

For example if your child is three on the 3rd January they become eligible in the summer term. The entitlement will last until your child is in full time education.

How do I get a place for my child?

As a parent/carer you can decide where you would like your child to go (subject to availability). For more information about what is available in your area, or help to find a place call Wirral Family Information Service on 0800 0858 743.

You should contact the provider of your choice as soon as possible in case they have a waiting list for places.

How do I apply for funding?

For 15 hours funding your childcare provider will do this for you. To apply for 30 hour funding please read the following information from the official Government website.

For more information on how 30 hour funding works, click here.